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Charles Glass - Mr. World / IFBB PROcharles
Senior Executive Vice President Personal Trainers Association (PROPTA)
PROPTA Master Trainer
about  Recov Bipeptides

This is the best protein supplement I ever tried in my life!  It is an amazing  supplement!  My body responded to it like nothing else I have ever taken. This gives a new meaning to supplements for growth and fast recovery. You won't be disappointed when you take this.”  Charles Glass Venice California at the Mecca of Body building

Charles began weight lifting at the age of 22. He entered his 1st show, The Iron Man, which was a combination of Body Building and Power Lifting. Charles enjoyed competing and won The World Championship in 1983 in Singapore. He is considered The Best of The Best in the world in Personal Training and Nutrition, training celebrities, professional athletes in every sport, magically transforming athletes into super athletes. Charles Glass holds a Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology and Sport Science. Currently as the Vice President of the US Private Trainers Association, educating and certifying students in Venice, California at the Mecca of Body building.




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